Wonder Woman–Read below for this one :)

Have you ever seen something along the side of the road or done something and was reminded of someone? I know that this particular Wonder Woman has been many places and has saved so many people and has done so much good that her influence is bound to be everywhere!!

I saw a Hawaiian license plate and was reminded of her.

I saw a Panda Express and was reminded of her.

I saw a red leaf on a tree and was reminded of her.

I saw a picture of Strawberry Shortcake and was reminded of her.

Now, while I can’t claim to have watched all the episodes of the original Wonder Woman series, I’m pretty sure she never shot laser beams from her eyes. However, the Wonder Woman I know can radiate light out of her face!

And while I’m pretty sure that Wonder Woman had better things to do than save kittens out of trees, my Wonder Woman has saved countless students, parents, family members, and friends.

This Wonder Woman seeks to do justice to the world, and does just about everything with the right heart. SheFeatured image is obedient and kind, respects authority and EVEN OPPOSES evil doers in the name of honor and justice!

I’m pretty sure Wonder Woman was virtuous, lovely, and brought kindness to all. This pretty much also sums up the one I’m thinking of.

Have an idea of who I’m talking about? This person also would not even write a post about herself, and would not lift herself up over anyone else. Yes, you would be correct if you guess that this post’s Wonder Woman is:


Wonder Women: Meet Wendy

Have you ever met a promoter? I have her. Her name is Wendy. I call her Mom.

Wendy loves life. She is the type of person who walks into the room and can make a friend with anyone. She knows how to make people feel loved and important. Wendy loves to promote.  She is a champion for the small business owner. Wendy will drive out of her way to support a new business. When she finds a new business or a good cause, she will tell everyone about it.

Wendy and her puppet

Wendy is a performer. She has spent years perfecting her talents as a ventriloquist. She has used her gift to entertain children at birthday parties, train hospice volunteers and introduce speakers at business conferences. Wendy loves parties. She has the ability to turn an ordinary dinner into a party by singing a silly song and dancing. Wendy loves her family. She strives to create happy family memories. Wendy loves God.

Wendy loves to learn. She likes to listen to podcasts and books on CD. Wendy works with her husband in their business. She has spent many hours trying to bring fun to the world of accounting. Wendy loves yogurt. She has tried every yogurt shop in her city.

When I wrote this up, I struggled with typing “Wendy” instead of typing Mom.  Wendy is my Mom. We all play roles in life. Wendy plays the role of my mother.  She is also a Wonder Women outside of her role with me. Wendy is a Wonder Women for her ability to promote happiness wherever she goes.   I love her for that!

Being silly with my mother

Remember every woman’s success can be my success if I let it.

Wonder Women: Meet Carrie

Have you ever met a healer? I have. Her name is Carrie.

Carrie Wh

Carrie loves to learn. Her natural curiosity of the world led her to earn a degree in science. After a few years of working in cancer research labs, she had an awakening moment that challenged her to combine her love of people and science to the healing of broken bodies and minds. Carrie is now in school studying to be a physician’s assistant. In addition to her studies and residency schedule, Carrie works part-time as a nursing assistant.

Carrie promotes healing to her patients. That is admirable. Carrie promotes healing in herself by exercising, reading books, maintaining friendships and standing up for her beliefs and feelings. That is grit. That is heroism.

Some may say that taking care of yourself is not heroic. I think it is. It takes a lot of energy to be a Wonder Women. Sometimes the most heroic thing a Wonder Women can do is to do the things needed to heal herself.

Carrie is a Wonder Women.

Cute Carrie photo





Wonder Women: Meet Tiffanie

Have you ever met a scientist?  I have. Her name is Tiffanie.


Tiffanie loves to learn. When she has a question, she searches and finds an answer. In her life, Tiffanie has asked hard questions and she persevered until she found answers that made sense to her.

Many parents tell their children to help other people. Tiffanie actually shows her children what helping looks like by doing kind deeds. She’s also funny and makes life delightful for those around her.

Silly kids

Like many other amazing people, Tiffanie says she is ordinary. That’s just not true though. Tiffanie is a Wonder Women. She is a Wonder Women for seeking her own answers to questions instead of relying on other people to make decisions for her. She’s a Wonder Women for loving and teaching her children.  She’s a Wonder Women because she makes time to maintain her childhood friendships. She’s a Wonder Women for sacrificing for her family. She’s a Wonder Women because she spends time on her own dreams and goals.

Wonder Women may think they are ordinary but the truth is that ordinary lives are made amazing by wonderful people. Tiffanie is a Wonder Women.

Tiff and her fam

Remember every women’s success can be my success if I let it.




Wonder Women: Meet Jenny

Have you ever met a warrior. I have. Her name is Jenny.


When Jenny was expecting her first baby, she was diagnosed with arrhythmia. For the next 14 years and through additional pregnancies, she struggled to find answers for her health challenges.  It was discouraging and frustrating. She kept going. At times, it would have been easier to give up and focus only on the pain. She kept working on her dream to write songs. She kept loving her family. She kept hoping even when there was no hope. There were years when the doctors didn’t know how to help her. There were days where she and her husband planned her funeral. She kept living even when it was hard. This year she walked a 5k. This year she has written a song. Jenny calls herself a survivor and gives the credit for her persistence and her miraculous life to God.

Jenny heart picture

I call my friend Jenny a warrior. Women with warrior hearts continue to get up and keep going in the face of difficulties. Jenny is a warrior and a Wonder Women.

Dear Readers, you may get up slowly. You may need to lay on the ground for a while to recover. However, the moment you even think about getting up the future has started for you.  You are a warrior and a Wonder Women.

Remember every women’s success can be my success if I let it.


Wonder Women: Meet Josefina



Josefina loved music. As a child, she imagined that she could play the piano. Whenever she had a chance to sneak away at Church or at a friend’s house she would pluck out notes on their piano. Josefina’s family did not have extra money for lessons, but that did not stop her. She studied piano books on her own and dreamed about playing. After high school, Josefina decided to take an introductory piano class at the community college. Josefina described her first day of piano class in this way. “I was nervous, but I knew I could learn something easier as an adult.  I had already had life experiences to use as a guide. I knew I could work hard and be motivated”. Josefina did work hard. She practiced using the college’s piano practice rooms for hours every week.  She took additional piano classes and soon found herself being able to play the songs she imagined as a child. Today Josefina teaches piano and shares her love of music with her family, friends and students. When she meets an adult who thinks it is too late to learn something new, she tells them her story. You are never too old to learn something.


josefina and fam

Josefina is a Wonder Women.

What’s in the Book Bag


I went to the library the other day. The man behind me in line saw the collection of books in my hands and he commented on the unique assortment. I said I was a unique girl with many interests. When I got home, I emptied my book bag and laughed. Maybe he is right. I have interesting tastes. Here is what in my book bag. What’s in your book bag?

1. The Chemistry of Alchemy: From Dragon’s Blood to Donkey Dung How Chemistry was Forged by Cathy Cobb, Monty L. Fetterolf and Harold Goldwhite.

Who wouldn’t want to read about medieval alchemists and all the crazy scientific things that they discovered and created on their path to make gold? As a science geek, this sounded fun.

2. The Motivation Breakthrough by Richard Lavoie

All the children on the cover are raising their hands and listening to their teacher. No one is poking their neighbor or day dreaming.  Let’s give Mr. Lavoie a chance to transform my classroom.

3. The Dancing Master by Julie Klassen.

Alec Valcourt moves his mother and sister to remote Devonshire hoping to start over. He is shocked to discover the village matriarch has prohibited all dancing. (Let’s all start start singing the song from the movie Foot Loose.) It looks like a very predictable, clean Christian romance novel.

4. Aromatherapy for Bodyworkers by Jade Shutes and Christina Weaver

I like oils. Flipping though the book, I saw a lot of descriptions of the Terpenoid Compounds found in essential oils with their family and functional groups so I knew this book was right for me. Yes, I know your neighbor’s son was healed by applying peppermint oil to his aching leg and I’d like to see the university study to back up the antispasmodic properties.

5.    50 Women Every Christian Should Know: Learning From Heroines of The Faith by Michelle DeRusha

There are a lot of martyrs, Saints and activists they forgot to tell you about in Sunday School. I like a good inspirational story and I always come away with a desire to try harder after learning about other faithful people.

What’s in your book bag?






Being Yourself


The last few months, I’ve been interviewing and writing about amazing Wonder Women. I’ve been inspired and learned so much in recording the journey of others. I got an interesting phone call from a friend this week. She wants to know when I’m going to write a post about myself and describe my own journey as a Wonder Women.  I just laughed. The thought had never even entered my mind. I, like many of my dear readers, believe that Wonder Women status belongs to others. So, I’m working on my own post and some day I’ll post it here.

In the meanwhile, enjoy reading about others because every women’s success can be mine if I let it.  And believing in yourself is the first step to greatness.

Wonder Women: Meet Andi

Have you ever met someone who can fly.  I have. Her name is Andi.

Andi 3

As a young girl, Andi loved the movie Peter Pan. In many ways, Andi grew up to be like several of the characters in that movie.  Andi is like Wendy Darling. She is kind. She looks after children and teens who feel lost and afraid. Andi has the gift of cooking and has used her skills in her job as a school cafeteria manager. She not only serves the children food but gives them a daily dose of love and kindness as well.  Andi is like Captain Hook. She is adventurous. She fights for the rights of all people. Andi is like Peter Pan. She loves to laugh, tell jokes and spend the day enjoying the good things found in life. Andi is like TinkerBell. She is both sassy and sweet. She is a loyal friend. Andi is creative. She designs wallets and purses out of duct tape. In short, Andi can fly. She is a Wonder Women.

Andi 34





Wonder Women: Meet Doeshann

Doeshann 4

Have you ever met a cheerleader? I have. Her name is Doeshann.

Doeshann loves life. She likes making people laugh. Doeshann finds and creates opportunities to have fun. She recently completed a 5K mud zombie race with her friends. For the last 14 years, Doeshann has enthusiastically volunteered one week each summer as an adult mentor for a youth camp. She loves to inspire teens to set and reach their goals.  Doeshann does operational support at a college. Her coworkers describe her as an effective worker who knows her stuff and is always there with a kind word and infectious laugh for everyone.

Doeshan B race

When asked about her greatest challenge, Doeshann described the process of accepting  and loving herself. She feels that once she learned that God loved her she was able to let go of what other people said and thought about her.

Doeshann is a Wonder Women.

Remember every women’s success can be my success if I let it.