Wonder Women: Meet Tiffanie

Have you ever met a scientist?  I have. Her name is Tiffanie.


Tiffanie loves to learn. When she has a question, she searches and finds an answer. In her life, Tiffanie has asked hard questions and she persevered until she found answers that made sense to her.

Many parents tell their children to help other people. Tiffanie actually shows her children what helping looks like by doing kind deeds. She’s also funny and makes life delightful for those around her.

Silly kids

Like many other amazing people, Tiffanie says she is ordinary. That’s just not true though. Tiffanie is a Wonder Women. She is a Wonder Women for seeking her own answers to questions instead of relying on other people to make decisions for her. She’s a Wonder Women for loving and teaching her children.  She’s a Wonder Women because she makes time to maintain her childhood friendships. She’s a Wonder Women for sacrificing for her family. She’s a Wonder Women because she spends time on her own dreams and goals.

Wonder Women may think they are ordinary but the truth is that ordinary lives are made amazing by wonderful people. Tiffanie is a Wonder Women.

Tiff and her fam

Remember every women’s success can be my success if I let it.