Wonder Women: Meet Andi

Have you ever met someone who can fly.  I have. Her name is Andi.

Andi 3

As a young girl, Andi loved the movie Peter Pan. In many ways, Andi grew up to be like several of the characters in that movie.  Andi is like Wendy Darling. She is kind. She looks after children and teens who feel lost and afraid. Andi has the gift of cooking and has used her skills in her job as a school cafeteria manager. She not only serves the children food but gives them a daily dose of love and kindness as well.  Andi is like Captain Hook. She is adventurous. She fights for the rights of all people. Andi is like Peter Pan. She loves to laugh, tell jokes and spend the day enjoying the good things found in life. Andi is like TinkerBell. She is both sassy and sweet. She is a loyal friend. Andi is creative. She designs wallets and purses out of duct tape. In short, Andi can fly. She is a Wonder Women.

Andi 34