Wonder Women: Meet Doeshann

Doeshann 4

Have you ever met a cheerleader? I have. Her name is Doeshann.

Doeshann loves life. She likes making people laugh. Doeshann finds and creates opportunities to have fun. She recently completed a 5K mud zombie race with her friends. For the last 14 years, Doeshann has enthusiastically volunteered one week each summer as an adult mentor for a youth camp. She loves to inspire teens to set and reach their goals.  Doeshann does operational support at a college. Her coworkers describe her as an effective worker who knows her stuff and is always there with a kind word and infectious laugh for everyone.

Doeshan B race

When asked about her greatest challenge, Doeshann described the process of accepting  and loving herself. She feels that once she learned that God loved her she was able to let go of what other people said and thought about her.

Doeshann is a Wonder Women.

Remember every women’s success can be my success if I let it.