Wonder Women: Meet Carrie

Have you ever met a healer? I have. Her name is Carrie.

Carrie Wh

Carrie loves to learn. Her natural curiosity of the world led her to earn a degree in science. After a few years of working in cancer research labs, she had an awakening moment that challenged her to combine her love of people and science to the healing of broken bodies and minds. Carrie is now in school studying to be a physician’s assistant. In addition to her studies and residency schedule, Carrie works part-time as a nursing assistant.

Carrie promotes healing to her patients. That is admirable. Carrie promotes healing in herself by exercising, reading books, maintaining friendships and standing up for her beliefs and feelings. That is grit. That is heroism.

Some may say that taking care of yourself is not heroic. I think it is. It takes a lot of energy to be a Wonder Women. Sometimes the most heroic thing a Wonder Women can do is to do the things needed to heal herself.

Carrie is a Wonder Women.

Cute Carrie photo