What’s in the Book Bag


I went to the library the other day. The man behind me in line saw the collection of books in my hands and he commented on the unique assortment. I said I was a unique girl with many interests. When I got home, I emptied my book bag and laughed. Maybe he is right. I have interesting tastes. Here is what in my book bag. What’s in your book bag?

1. The Chemistry of Alchemy: From Dragon’s Blood to Donkey Dung How Chemistry was Forged by Cathy Cobb, Monty L. Fetterolf and Harold Goldwhite.

Who wouldn’t want to read about medieval alchemists and all the crazy scientific things that they discovered and created on their path to make gold? As a science geek, this sounded fun.

2. The Motivation Breakthrough by Richard Lavoie

All the children on the cover are raising their hands and listening to their teacher. No one is poking their neighbor or day dreaming.  Let’s give Mr. Lavoie a chance to transform my classroom.

3. The Dancing Master by Julie Klassen.

Alec Valcourt moves his mother and sister to remote Devonshire hoping to start over. He is shocked to discover the village matriarch has prohibited all dancing. (Let’s all start start singing the song from the movie Foot Loose.) It looks like a very predictable, clean Christian romance novel.

4. Aromatherapy for Bodyworkers by Jade Shutes and Christina Weaver

I like oils. Flipping though the book, I saw a lot of descriptions of the Terpenoid Compounds found in essential oils with their family and functional groups so I knew this book was right for me. Yes, I know your neighbor’s son was healed by applying peppermint oil to his aching leg and I’d like to see the university study to back up the antispasmodic properties.

5.    50 Women Every Christian Should Know: Learning From Heroines of The Faith by Michelle DeRusha

There are a lot of martyrs, Saints and activists they forgot to tell you about in Sunday School. I like a good inspirational story and I always come away with a desire to try harder after learning about other faithful people.

What’s in your book bag?