Wonder Woman–Read below for this one :)

Have you ever seen something along the side of the road or done something and was reminded of someone? I know that this particular Wonder Woman has been many places and has saved so many people and has done so much good that her influence is bound to be everywhere!!

I saw a Hawaiian license plate and was reminded of her.

I saw a Panda Express and was reminded of her.

I saw a red leaf on a tree and was reminded of her.

I saw a picture of Strawberry Shortcake and was reminded of her.

Now, while I can’t claim to have watched all the episodes of the original Wonder Woman series, I’m pretty sure she never shot laser beams from her eyes. However, the Wonder Woman I know can radiate light out of her face!

And while I’m pretty sure that Wonder Woman had better things to do than save kittens out of trees, my Wonder Woman has saved countless students, parents, family members, and friends.

This Wonder Woman seeks to do justice to the world, and does just about everything with the right heart. SheFeatured image is obedient and kind, respects authority and EVEN OPPOSES evil doers in the name of honor and justice!

I’m pretty sure Wonder Woman was virtuous, lovely, and brought kindness to all. This pretty much also sums up the one I’m thinking of.

Have an idea of who I’m talking about? This person also would not even write a post about herself, and would not lift herself up over anyone else. Yes, you would be correct if you guess that this post’s Wonder Woman is: