Wonder Women: Meet Wendy

Have you ever met a promoter? I have her. Her name is Wendy. I call her Mom.

Wendy loves life. She is the type of person who walks into the room and can make a friend with anyone. She knows how to make people feel loved and important. Wendy loves to promote.  She is a champion for the small business owner. Wendy will drive out of her way to support a new business. When she finds a new business or a good cause, she will tell everyone about it.

Wendy and her puppet

Wendy is a performer. She has spent years perfecting her talents as a ventriloquist. She has used her gift to entertain children at birthday parties, train hospice volunteers and introduce speakers at business conferences. Wendy loves parties. She has the ability to turn an ordinary dinner into a party by singing a silly song and dancing. Wendy loves her family. She strives to create happy family memories. Wendy loves God.

Wendy loves to learn. She likes to listen to podcasts and books on CD. Wendy works with her husband in their business. She has spent many hours trying to bring fun to the world of accounting. Wendy loves yogurt. She has tried every yogurt shop in her city.

When I wrote this up, I struggled with typing “Wendy” instead of typing Mom.  Wendy is my Mom. We all play roles in life. Wendy plays the role of my mother.  She is also a Wonder Women outside of her role with me. Wendy is a Wonder Women for her ability to promote happiness wherever she goes.   I love her for that!

Being silly with my mother

Remember every woman’s success can be my success if I let it.