About Me

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About Me

Once upon a time there was a girl who had a  dream to be a superhero.That girl is me. It’s time to start my superhero journey.  I’m going to be a superhero by stretching myself with 13 day challenges. Why 13 days?  The self-help gurus say a habit is formed in 21 days. I don’t like to do what everybody else tells me to do.  So, I’m just doing each challenge for 13 days.  You can join me on my journey by doing your own challenges.  When I’m not living life or writing on this blog,  I’m really busy. I teach amazing students, read books, dance in my kitchen and try to save the world in some small way every  day.

The Family

I come from a really big family.  The family will show up as characters on this blog. I don’t have everyone’s permission to post pictures so you probably see more pictures of the sister and parents more than my brothers. I have 3 awesome brothers, 3 amazing sister-in-laws, a million cousins and friends that I dearly love.  I consider my friends part of my family.

family at dinner

The Accountant


My former husband is the named  “The Accountant” on this blog.  Actually, he is not really an accountant. He has another job. I have given him that nickname due to his love of math. The Accountant loves to crunch numbers and track things on spreadsheets. He also likes hiking, camping, music, baking and all sports. He is part of the adventure called “My Life”.


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