Life Lessons from my Garden

Lesson #1  If you don’t water your garden, it will die.

Lesson #2: If you think about watering your garden, but then don’t do it, it will still die.

Lesson #3: Don’t grow kale if you hate kale.

Lesson #4: The kale will somehow live even though you stopped watering it on purpose. You will be stuck eating kale for days. Reread lesson #3 before buying any more seeds.

And now the really good news…

Lesson #5: You can start a new garden every season.

It’s time to replace the word “garden” with the word “dream”.

Lesson #1  If you don’t water your dream,  it will die.

Lesson #2: If you think about watering your dream, but then don’t do it, it will still die.

Lesson #3 and 4: Life will sometimes give you kale.  Be gentle with yourself. You did the best you could with the knowledge/information/situation you had at the time.

Lesson #5: Remember you can always try again. Tomorrow is a new day.

Here’s a picture of the newest addition to the garden.

New garden picture

And a picture of the kale that just won’t die.

Kale picture

I also have to give a BIG thank you to my Accountant for his help in the garden.






The Magic

There is a scene in the Wizard of Oz movie that I love. Dorothy has just defeated the wicked witch with the help of her friends and a bucket of water. The good witch Glinda comes and with a friendly smile tells Dorothy that she’s always had the power to go home. Dorothy just needs to tap her ruby slippers and believe that she is a magical person.  It’s a profound moment. Dorothy realizes anything is possible.

Here are my slippers. I’m ready for my magic to start.


“You’ve always had the power, my dear. You just had to learn it for yourself”.–Glinda from the Wizard of Oz


Fun Times

When I was younger, I really wanted a sister. Every time my Mom went to the hospital, she brought me home a little brother.  I loved my brothers and we had many adventures together.  I kept hoping for a sister. My wish came true when I was 11. Jenny was born.

Cute sistersSistersSilly Sisters

I did my best to spoil her. It’s been a real delight getting to know my sister as an adult. It turns out we both have a silly side.

I think we get it from Dad.

My Dad

Fun Times!