Lottery Winnings and Memes

I didn’t win the lottery. Of course, I didn’t play it either so losing wasn’t a huge surprise. Last night, I had a funny dream about the lottery though. I dreamed the guy that won the big jackpot of 10 billion decided to give me 1/2 of the money as a gift.  I paid off my house, helped out my siblings with their mortgages, took my parents on a European tour, started a non-profit, landscaped the backyard, hired a cook to make me delicious, healthy meals and still had enough money to live comfortably on the interest for the rest of my life. In the middle of spending lots of money,  I sat down at a computer and created one of those memes you see on social media.  Then I woke up.

If I can figure out how to make a meme, I must be pretty cool.

I didn’t win the lottery, but I did figure out how to make one of those memes. By the way, if you are that lucky person who won 10 billion dollars, I’d be happy to take 1/2 of it of it as a gift.






The Accountant loves to cook. He is always trying new recipes and adding secret ingredients like broccoli or flax seed to his creations. I’m terrible at guessing so I just say kale, because kale can go in anything. This week he made a chocolate souffle cake. I told him he needs to enter one of those cooking contests,and win us some money. Then we could hire a maid to do all the dishes from his cooking.



Ant photo

Ants love to bite me.  Most folks have been bitten by ants while doing yard work. That is understandable, because we are invading their natural home. I get bit by ants doing yard work too, but I also get bit while sitting in my bathroom, walking around national monuments, reading a book at the library and a bunch of other places that should not be ant friendly.

Today, I was bitten by another type of Ant. I got bit by the type that attacks your thoughts. A.n.t is an acronym that stands for Automatic Negative Thoughts. The idea comes from a great book called Feeling Good. I was having a bad day and A.N.T.S were running all over my head with the accompanying feelings of anxiety and inadequacy.  Here is the funny part. I was trying to remember what I read from the book about how to replace my negative thoughts with a realistic positive statement when a real ant came and bit my foot. I just started laughing. My A.N.T was interrupted by an ant.

I’m pretty excited. This is my 100th blog post.


New Design Drama


My curly hair does goofy things when I get stressed. I was stressed today. After 2 hours of trying to redesign my blog, this novice figured it out.  At one point, I somehow managed to make all the posts turn upside down. You have to be pretty talented to do that. After crying and watching a few how-to videos on YouTube, I found a way to reverse my actions. You won’t have to stand on your head now to read my blog. Enjoy! Please let me know what you think of the new design.

My new Challenge: Create Things


Do you have a critical voice come up when you try to create things? I do. I’ve nicknamed her Sally. Most of the time Sally sits on her chair in the far corner of my mind and leaves me alone. But she gets all crazy  when I make art or write.  “You are not an artist. Good girls do not write about that topic. I  let my inner critic stop me from trying to make something.  My new challenge is to create more stuff. I like to create things. I think it is fun and I need to do it more. It makes me happy to create things.  The next 13 days I’m going to create something every day. Today is day one.  I made strange animal art. What will you create today?


Ideas are born at midnight

And driving down the freeway

And during boring meetings

When I’m suppose to be listening

That is when my ideas are born.