My new Challenge: Create Things


Do you have a critical voice come up when you try to create things? I do. I’ve nicknamed her Sally. Most of the time Sally sits on her chair in the far corner of my mind and leaves me alone. But she gets all crazy  when I make art or write.  “You are not an artist. Good girls do not write about that topic. I  let my inner critic stop me from trying to make something.  My new challenge is to create more stuff. I like to create things. I think it is fun and I need to do it more. It makes me happy to create things.  The next 13 days I’m going to create something every day. Today is day one.  I made strange animal art. What will you create today?


Ideas are born at midnight

And driving down the freeway

And during boring meetings

When I’m suppose to be listening

That is when my ideas are born.