Ant photo

Ants love to bite me.  Most folks have been bitten by ants while doing yard work. That is understandable, because we are invading their natural home. I get bit by ants doing yard work too, but I also get bit while sitting in my bathroom, walking around national monuments, reading a book at the library and a bunch of other places that should not be ant friendly.

Today, I was bitten by another type of Ant. I got bit by the type that attacks your thoughts. A.n.t is an acronym that stands for Automatic Negative Thoughts. The idea comes from a great book called Feeling Good. I was having a bad day and A.N.T.S were running all over my head with the accompanying feelings of anxiety and inadequacy.  Here is the funny part. I was trying to remember what I read from the book about how to replace my negative thoughts with a realistic positive statement when a real ant came and bit my foot. I just started laughing. My A.N.T was interrupted by an ant.

I’m pretty excited. This is my 100th blog post.