Wonder Women: Meet Holly

They are all around us

And we unaware let them

Smile, serve and soar without fanfare

But sometimes the hero needs a friend.

I’ve started a new thing for this blog. We are going to meet super, awesome, amazing women. They are all around us everywhere. We just have to look.When we hear about them, we should share their success. Every woman’s success can be my success if I let it.

Super Holly

Meet Holly. Holly and I met in 8th grade. We became friends. Unfortunately, we went separate ways for high school so I didn’t see her again till registration day at the community college. I was walking across the dead grass with my stack of books and there was Holly. We were so excited to see each other again, because we are both Elfish, magical creatures that stop to examine the beauty of the flower growing in between the sidewalk crack. When she is not raising her six kids, Holly works with her Mom to design and sell  jewelry on the internet. She also still writes poems and takes photographs. Here is her work.

Hope picture

I put my hope in a drawer.

I put my dreams in a box.

I’ll take them out one day,

And see what still is good.

Holly is a Wonder Women. Despite the challenge of being a single mom, she cultivates the beauty of her soul with activities that build her.

Are you a Wonder Women? I’d love to spotlight you.