Salads in a Jar

I’m having fun with Mason Jars right now. I’ve made salads in a jar to take to work for lunch. They really do last five days in the refrigerator.


I’ve made yogurt in a jar for breakfast. They really do last three days in the refrigerator.

Yogurt parfait

Just for fun, I made money in a jar. It makes me smile every time I see it.

Money jar

I don’t think it will last five days though.


My Latest Challenge


Last year I participated in my own little Lent.  It was such a good experience so I’m doing it again this year. The whole idea is to spend 40 days thinking about your life, evaluating where you are with God and preparing for Easter by spending more time reading scriptures and saying your prayers. I can wrap my head around that, because I’m like  everyone else here on planet Earth. I’ve got a few favorite sins and weaknesses that could use some serious evaluating and reflection.

Oh, I’m also suppose to give up something up I really like. It’s a symbol that says I’m denying the natural man to make more room for God in my life. I could also add something to my life that makes the world a better place. It’s kind of hard to pick what to give up. I’ve got a ton of choices. Wasting time on Facebook. Sweets. Fast Food. Thinking negatively about myself. Chocolate.

I  thought about giving up the spinach-vegetable-fruit smoothies I’ve been making the last few months. I really love those. It would be such a huge sacrifice for me not make them for the next 40 days. (wink-wink)


In the end, I decided to participate in one service activity a week as part of my little Lent. I’m also going to give up fast food chains. I spend too much money eating out on foods that don’t build a healthy me. I can still go to sit down restaurants with friends and family but no more drive through meals. At least that is the plan from February 18th until April 2nd.

Wish me luck and please send me easy to make recipes. I’m going to need them.





The Accountant loves to cook. He is always trying new recipes and adding secret ingredients like broccoli or flax seed to his creations. I’m terrible at guessing so I just say kale, because kale can go in anything. This week he made a chocolate souffle cake. I told him he needs to enter one of those cooking contests,and win us some money. Then we could hire a maid to do all the dishes from his cooking.