My “Almost” Romantic Comedy

It was Monday morning. I sat people watching waiting for the professor to start the class. I noticed a handsome young man reading a book by Maya Angelou. He was really cute so I knew what to do. I left class and went immediately to the library. Wednesday morning came. I sat there dressed in my favorite outfit, wearing red lipstick and passionately reading Angelou’s poems. The handsome man smiled and sat down next to me.

“Hey, I was just reading that book yesterday,” he said.

“What a coincidence! Maybe we have more things in common.”

“You’re right. We could. Let’s find out.”

Handsome classmate then invited me to read poetry with him underneath the tree in front of the library. It was enough to make this bookworm’s heart glow with love. The first poem we read was Caged Bird by Maya Angelou.  The whole experience was cute, sweet and just like the movies. I wish I could tell you the story ended like the movies. Sorry, no wedding bells. We did become friends though. He introduced me to poets, authors and musicians that I still love today.

And that dear readers is the power of poetry.

An Easter poem

My little Easter poem


The risen Lord

Forsook the tomb

So that we could

Rise when we fall.

The fallen man

Forsook the sins

So that we can be

Where He is

Boldly at his Throne

We kneel

Knowing his Grace

Is for all.


New Water


Underneath the rocky surface

Hides a spring, so full of life.

Break the shell, enter in

Taste the fullness of new water.

By Amee Shelley Ricks

Wonder Women’s Letter to Her Neighbors

Photo on door

Question: When is it time to mow your lawn?

Answer: When you start getting notes from people offering to mow your lawn for money

Wonder Women’s Letter to her Neighbors

Dear Neighbors,

I will eventually mow the lawn.

I promise.

Just not today, because I’m too busy

Saving the world and all that other stuff.

Love, Wonder Women

Wonder Women

Wonder Women was my favorite superhero as a kid. As I’ve grown up, I realized the harsh truth. Diana Prince must have had a maid and a personal trainer in addition to her lasso of truth. How else could she do everything? Are there any other Wonder Women fans out there?










The Truth about Creating


We sometimes need to create garbage

Before beauty is born

And that is why it is so hard for me to create

I want grandeur the first time.

I’m on day three of my new challenge. My challenge is to create something new every day. I’ve mostly been writing little poems, but there is a sci-fi story in me somewhere. I just have to dig long enough. At least, I hope it is sci-fi.  It is kind of hard, because Sally (a.k.a my inner critic) is on overdrive telling me that the my thoughts and words aren’t good enough.

I went to a Lindsey Stirling concert last night with the Accountant.  Here is a photo of us waiting for the fun to start.  Once the show started,  we were squished people screaming with lots of other fans.  Let me tell you the real story. I was yelling and jumping up and down. Nathan is much more of a philosopher when it comes to concerts. He stood there talking about how the music was too loud and analyzing the contrasts between music at home and music in groups.  I became friends with the woman squished next to me when we realized that we were both crying at the song Take Flight. Music has power.

Concert photo

Music is awesome! New friends are awesome!