Wonder Women: Meet Beth

Beth W

Have you ever met a writer? I have. Her name is Beth.

Today’s Wonder Women is an intelligent, creative soul with the ability to capture humaneness in all of its confusion and glory on the written page. Beth is a writer.  She has been published in many magazines. Her stories often revolve around underdogs who live in typical suburban settings. In addition to her literary work, Beth designs and sews quilts. She also sets and accomplishes goals.  Beth successfully gave up Diet Coke for a month. Anyone that can give up Diet Coke for a month deserves an award. One year, she set a goal to read more books, and she did it by reading 80 books that year. Her ability to set and reach goals is impressive.

Beth is a Wonder Women. Despite challenges, Beth cultivates the beauty of her soul with activities that build her.

Remember every women’s success can be my success if I let it.

Wonder Women’s Letter to Her Neighbors

Photo on door

Question: When is it time to mow your lawn?

Answer: When you start getting notes from people offering to mow your lawn for money

Wonder Women’s Letter to her Neighbors

Dear Neighbors,

I will eventually mow the lawn.

I promise.

Just not today, because I’m too busy

Saving the world and all that other stuff.

Love, Wonder Women

Wonder Women

Wonder Women was my favorite superhero as a kid. As I’ve grown up, I realized the harsh truth. Diana Prince must have had a maid and a personal trainer in addition to her lasso of truth. How else could she do everything? Are there any other Wonder Women fans out there?










Me against the Jump rope

An Introduction to my Fifth Challenge

Once upon a time there was a girl with  curly hair. The PE teacher brought out a bunch of jump ropes. “Yeah”, the other kids in the class said.  The girl kept  jumping at the wrong time and hitting her shoes. She felt silly. Have you guessed my next 13 day challenge? I’m going to jump rope every day. At first, I had the idea that I would jump rope 13 minutes every day.  I changed my mind after I started jumping. I’ve decided to begin with 1 minute for day one of the challenge. My goal is to add time as I get better at it.

The Practical Reason

According to webmd.com , which is a great website if you want to find a disease to stress about, jumping rope burns about 700 calories an hour. I don’t know any one who can jump rope for an hour. I was tired after one minute.  Jumping rope  is also good for your heart and good at building coordination.

The Philosophy Reason

If you haven’t already guessed, the girl who was afraid in PE class was me. To be honest with you, I still hit my shoes a bit when I was jumping. In fact, the picture below proves I hit my shoes. I have read in the self-help books that you have to do hard things. It  will make you stronger. Cheers to getting stronger!


And now it is off to bed. My challenge is over, but I am still working on getting to sleep by 10:30 p.m.