Random Thoughts on the day before

I’m turning 39 on February 27th. It’s kind of weird to be turning 39. I don’t know what to expect for my 39th year of life. When I was 15, I wrote my life history.  It wasn’t your normal life history. Instead of writing about my past, I wrote the life history for my future. It was 25 pages long and included a month by month analysis of my life from age 15 until my 20th year high school reunion at 38. I ended my life history at 38.  I had quite the epic life that included normal dreams like going to college, getting married, having twins and some not-so-ordinary plans like being an ambassador to Russia and fighting aliens in order to save the world. The last line on my life history was this. “She retired at 39 from her job at the space station. Amee’s little family, which included her handsome husband and their four kids, moved to a tropical beach paradise planet where they lived the rest of their lives in absolute happiness. The End”. It sounds delightful and I only have one more day to make it all happen.

When you are young, you know you will grow up but it’s a far-away fantasy thing. You believe anything is possible including intergalactic space battles and two sets of twins.  I am now twenty years removed from writing my life history. I still have a dreaming heart, but I’m old enough to realize that some things will probably never be. Unless there is a quick miracle in the next 24 hours, I won’t be fighting aliens above planet Earth or be the mother to four children.

I’m not really, really old yet but I’m not young anymore either. I’m standing in the middle land staring at my future that I never thought to imagine when I was 15. The future is really unwritten from this point on.

Amee on the path

I love this photo of me. My very talented Aunt Marla took it  when we were on a hike. I’m on the path but I can’t see behind the curve. I have to just keep going on and hoping that the view and journey will be marvelous.

Life is kind of like that sometimes. Here is my future. Unwritten. Unexplored and ready to be beautiful.  I hope to make it a good one.



Putting up the tree


Christmas trees are beautiful. They also take time to put up. That’s why my Christmas tree is still in the box waiting for me. My newest challenge is to set up the tree before Christmas Eve. It’s a worthy goal and I’m sure I can accomplish it.

I thought about putting up the Christmas tree two times last week.  Each time, I found something else more important to do. My dishes got done. I wrote a bunch of cards to people.  I started thinking about why I wasn’t putting up the Christmas tree.  So, instead of putting up the tree I did some research on procrastination. The theory I found most fascinating was the Temporal motivation theory. There was little equation and tons of writing all about it. Here is the gist of the theory. If you aren’t motivated to do something, you won’t do it.

Is my tree put up yet? Nope, but I do feel smarter for having spent my evening doing research.


Wonder Women: Meet Alice

Quilt Blocks like years in my life

Are stitched together by loving friends

Whose tender hands help make the leap

From block to block and year to year

A little easier.

Alice and Eva

Today’s Wonder Women is an intelligent, kind soul who has done countless acts of service for others. Meet Alice. She leaves sunshine bags on people’s doorsteps when she knows they are having a hard day. Alice is changing the world by being involved in social causes that are important to her. She teaches her children to respect themselves and others, and then she gives them the freedom to soar on their own. Alice enjoys theater and is building a business helping people organize their homes.

Alice is a Wonder Women. Despite the challenge of homeschooling her children, she cultivates the beauty of her soul with activities that build her.

Remember every woman’s success can be my success if I let it.

What I’ve Learned from 3rd Challenge


It is hard to believe that I’ve just finished my 3rd  challenge. I have drunk a green smoothie every day for 13 days. Here is what I have learned along the way.

1. The recipe is important

When I first started making green vegetable smoothies, I threw anything that looked healthy into the blender. Needless to say, the result was me feeling as green as the things I put into that blender.  I learned very fast that the recipe makes all the difference. Life is like that as well.  It is easy to accomplish something if you have a plan to do it. If you see some one else who has accomplished something you want to do, ask them how they did it. The recipe is important to achieve something great.

2. Ask your friends for help

I put out an urgent plea for help and my friends sent my some delicious green smoothie receipes. It made life a lot better. Life lesson: Don’t do things all by yourself. There are other folks who want to help you.

Keep Going Quote for the Day

“There are two rules in life. Number one: never quit. Number two: Always remember rule number one” –Duke Ellington

Come back tomorrow to find out what my next challenge will be. I’m getting excited. It will be  the hardest challenge yet.