What I’ve Learned from 3rd Challenge


It is hard to believe that I’ve just finished my 3rd  challenge. I have drunk a green smoothie every day for 13 days. Here is what I have learned along the way.

1. The recipe is important

When I first started making green vegetable smoothies, I threw anything that looked healthy into the blender. Needless to say, the result was me feeling as green as the things I put into that blender.  I learned very fast that the recipe makes all the difference. Life is like that as well.  It is easy to accomplish something if you have a plan to do it. If you see some one else who has accomplished something you want to do, ask them how they did it. The recipe is important to achieve something great.

2. Ask your friends for help

I put out an urgent plea for help and my friends sent my some delicious green smoothie receipes. It made life a lot better. Life lesson: Don’t do things all by yourself. There are other folks who want to help you.

Keep Going Quote for the Day

“There are two rules in life. Number one: never quit. Number two: Always remember rule number one” –Duke Ellington

Come back tomorrow to find out what my next challenge will be. I’m getting excited. It will be  the hardest challenge yet.