My Research

Since I’ve started my little challenges, I have been trying to read more about nutrition and healthy living.  I’ve found that a lot of sites try to sale you their vitamins and shakes.  It can be hard to separate the real nutrition information from the sales pitch. I’m not against supplements. In fact, I’ve taken vitamins myself for many years. I’m just looking for a site that gives me some solid information to use in my journey to improve my health. After much searching, I’ve found my health web site. Thank you to the dear folks at  Harvard.  I love your public health web site. It is great.  The Accountant and I have tried a few of the recipes on the site.

I was especially encouraged by the research page  that said even small changes like sleeping more and cutting down on soda can cut your risk for diseases.  If you need me, I’m going to be taking the advice of the educated Harvard folks. I’m going to bed. Sweet Dreams.