Putting up the tree


Christmas trees are beautiful. They also take time to put up. That’s why my Christmas tree is still in the box waiting for me. My newest challenge is to set up the tree before Christmas Eve. It’s a worthy goal and I’m sure I can accomplish it.

I thought about putting up the Christmas tree two times last week.  Each time, I found something else more important to do. My dishes got done. I wrote a bunch of cards to people.  I started thinking about why I wasn’t putting up the Christmas tree.  So, instead of putting up the tree I did some research on procrastination. The theory I found most fascinating was the Temporal motivation theory. There was little equation and tons of writing all about it. Here is the gist of the theory. If you aren’t motivated to do something, you won’t do it.

Is my tree put up yet? Nope, but I do feel smarter for having spent my evening doing research.