Housework made easy


I hate housework. There are about a million things I’d rather be doing instead of scrubbing toilets and dusting the fans. Now, don’t get the wrong idea here. My house would never be on a hoarders show. It’s just that I don’t like housework. The problem is that the Accountant doesn’t like doing housework either. We don’t make enough to hire a maid to clean our home every day for us so we are stuck doing it ourselves.

Enter the Bribe Chart  Job Chart

We take some one dollar bills and assign money to various chores around the house. It almost makes housework fun. The other day I happily vacuumed  the whole house just so I could collect my dollar bill.


The Accountant has really taken to this system. The other day I went to clean the bathroom and it was already done. Apparently, he likes money too.

My ramblings about the power of creating something

An idea is born. A powerful, creative, joyful idea. I hold it close to my heart afraid that it will somehow die if I let it go into the cruel world. But an idea left in my hand will  also die. So, I release the idea to the world knowing that some ideas live and some must die. The creation process can be cruel at times.  I blow life into the idea’s little wings so it can fly while it is still young. Some day it might have power to fly on its own or it might sink to the bottom of the ocean after being struck by a fiery dart.   I don’t know when I  first get an idea if it will be a success or a flop. There’s so much hope and so much fear looking at the idea in my little hand. I’d rather keep it safe with me but risk is needed in the process of creation.  So, I let the little idea go. And wait. Will into it turn into project and perhaps  ignite movement? It’s a  beginning and I am the artist.

That’s the power of creating something new.

Climb the Stairs





It’s Time


It’s time. I can feel it in the air and in my head.  It’s time for me to pause, to put down the Facebook feed, to stop looking at recipes I never cook from the internet, to step away from the day-by-day play of the political drama, to live my own life instead of mindlessly following other people’s adventures. Yes, it is time. It’s time for another no social media challenge.  I did it six months ago for a week and it was a wonderful experience. I wrote a poem and went to lunch with an old high school buddy. I had time to hear my own thoughts.  I did this same challenge a year ago and for two weeks I didn’t use Facebook or read other people’s blogs. I heard the whispering of Heaven as I spent my evenings on projects and other good causes. It’s kind of funny that my social media fast is turning out to be a semi-annual event. I guess once you sit with yourself for  a while, you really do crave the quiet found in just being yourself.

The same rules will apply to this Social Media Fast Challenge that I used on my last challenge. No Facebook. No blog reading. No internet except for what is required by my job and the college class that I’m taking right now.  The challenge will go from October 3rd to October 17th.

When I emerge from creative cocoon, I hope to have many good things to report about on my blog. And if I do nothing for two weeks…at least I will have more time to do the dishes that are currently sitting in the sink.


See you in two weeks.






I can do anything at eleven o’clock at night

About a month ago, I got a brilliant idea. It sounded so easy. I’d make an app and every one would pay me a dollar to put it on their phones. I only had to get a million people to buy it and then I would be financially set for life. I identified two challenges to my bright future.  Challenge #1: I don’t know how to write in code or make an app. Challenge #2: I don’t own a fancy phone that can have apps so I couldn’t even buy my own app once I made it. At eleven o’clock at night, I can do anything so neither challenge sounded too hard to overcome. The next day I went to the library for  how-to-books, watched a bunch of YouTube videos and started working.

Three frustrating weeks later, I finally got the app to the point where I could submit it to the store for people to buy it. Guess What? I got an e-mail back letting me know that my app does not meet the minimum specifications to be fully functional. Translation: It’s so bad that it doesn’t work and we don’t want it here. I felt sorry for myself for a bit, but then I realized what a truly awesome story I am creating by adding another challenge to my list. Challenge #3: The computer people think my app is horrible.

I’m back at the beginning trying to rebuild my app. It may take a few more weeks before I’m able to resubmit it again. Last night I thought of a lovely ending to my app adventure. After overcoming challenges 1, 2 and 3, my app goes crazy and every one wants it. It is amazing how I can do anything at eleven o’clock at night.

In case you have never seen a phone that can’t get apps, here is a picture of mine.