Housework made easy


I hate housework. There are about a million things I’d rather be doing instead of scrubbing toilets and dusting the fans. Now, don’t get the wrong idea here. My house would never be on a hoarders show. It’s just that I don’t like housework. The problem is that the Accountant doesn’t like doing housework either. We don’t make enough to hire a maid to clean our home every day for us so we are stuck doing it ourselves.

Enter the Bribe Chart  Job Chart

We take some one dollar bills and assign money to various chores around the house. It almost makes housework fun. The other day I happily vacuumed  the whole house just so I could collect my dollar bill.


The Accountant has really taken to this system. The other day I went to clean the bathroom and it was already done. Apparently, he likes money too.