The Viral Blog Post

This post is going to go viral. It has everything that’s really important for written communication these days.

A cute baby

A heart-felt message in 100 words or less

And a million people liking the post without really reading what it says.

Yes, this post will defiantly go viral.


My Palm Sunday Psalm


The world is in motion. Changing. Moving. Shifting. The bombs drop. The hearts break. Anger is stirred and kindness seems to be forgotten. Will peace ever again be here upon Earth? –Amee

Dear Little Child,

Hold on. The crashing wind can destroy the outer branches, but the roots are still strong. The billowing tide can tear down the old but the truth is still here. Ever present. Ever faithful. There is nothing lost that won’t be found and God will somehow make everything right in the end. –Father


It’s hard to have faith when the world is in on fire. I do what I can, but there are more fires than I have strength to put out. –Amee


A little faith is all you need. Love one another. Do what you can. Be still and know that I am God.  –Father


It’s me again. I tried to be still. I did a great job for 5 minutes. Then, I watched the news. Did you know there are wars, pain, poverty, disease, so much inequality and broken hearts all over the world?  What are you going to do about it?    –Amee


I created you. And your sisters and brothers. It’s time to get off your knees and get to work by making the world a better place for all. Jesus will come some day, but you don’t need to wait for then to make a heaven here on  Earth. All who praise God and serve his children can find rest to their souls. –Father


I love you. You are my God so I will do my best. This is my Palm Sunday anthem to you. With all love and deep respect.






Wearing your Heart on the Wall

I got my feelings hurt. It wasn’t a serious offense, but sad enough in the moment for me to tell myself that I needed to toughen up so I would never have hurt feelings again.

I was going to become a Vulcan and master all emotions, and then I looked over my shoulder.

The light fixture in the room when hit with sunlight made a gigantic heart on the wall. I was mesmerized. It was a heart! A giant, adorable heart. My resolve to never feel again melted away in that big heart.

It was just too cute not to smile.

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.” –Brene Brown

Random Thoughts on the day before

I’m turning 39 on February 27th. It’s kind of weird to be turning 39. I don’t know what to expect for my 39th year of life. When I was 15, I wrote my life history.  It wasn’t your normal life history. Instead of writing about my past, I wrote the life history for my future. It was 25 pages long and included a month by month analysis of my life from age 15 until my 20th year high school reunion at 38. I ended my life history at 38.  I had quite the epic life that included normal dreams like going to college, getting married, having twins and some not-so-ordinary plans like being an ambassador to Russia and fighting aliens in order to save the world. The last line on my life history was this. “She retired at 39 from her job at the space station. Amee’s little family, which included her handsome husband and their four kids, moved to a tropical beach paradise planet where they lived the rest of their lives in absolute happiness. The End”. It sounds delightful and I only have one more day to make it all happen.

When you are young, you know you will grow up but it’s a far-away fantasy thing. You believe anything is possible including intergalactic space battles and two sets of twins.  I am now twenty years removed from writing my life history. I still have a dreaming heart, but I’m old enough to realize that some things will probably never be. Unless there is a quick miracle in the next 24 hours, I won’t be fighting aliens above planet Earth or be the mother to four children.

I’m not really, really old yet but I’m not young anymore either. I’m standing in the middle land staring at my future that I never thought to imagine when I was 15. The future is really unwritten from this point on.

Amee on the path

I love this photo of me. My very talented Aunt Marla took it  when we were on a hike. I’m on the path but I can’t see behind the curve. I have to just keep going on and hoping that the view and journey will be marvelous.

Life is kind of like that sometimes. Here is my future. Unwritten. Unexplored and ready to be beautiful.  I hope to make it a good one.



Awkward Love Week

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’ve decided to share embarrassing, awkward and funny moments related to dating and crushes.


I was 15 and head over heels for a young man named Jeff in my Sunday School class. (names have been changed so I don’t get sued)  I would stare at Jeff when the lesson got boring.  Jeff always sat by the window next to the blue curtains and I would just imagine that one day he would turn around and say hello to me. One day Jeff did turn around  and said in front of everybody, “Amee, stop staring at me”. I was mortified but I couldn’t let a cute boy think I was actually staring at him. So, I smiled and said, “I’m not staring at you, Jeff. I’m admiring the cute pattern on the blue curtains behind you”. Awkward!  He just rolled his eyes. I wanted to disappear and a bunch of the kids in the Sunday School class laughed.

What’s your awkward love moment?

Housework made easy


I hate housework. There are about a million things I’d rather be doing instead of scrubbing toilets and dusting the fans. Now, don’t get the wrong idea here. My house would never be on a hoarders show. It’s just that I don’t like housework. The problem is that the Accountant doesn’t like doing housework either. We don’t make enough to hire a maid to clean our home every day for us so we are stuck doing it ourselves.

Enter the Bribe Chart  Job Chart

We take some one dollar bills and assign money to various chores around the house. It almost makes housework fun. The other day I happily vacuumed  the whole house just so I could collect my dollar bill.


The Accountant has really taken to this system. The other day I went to clean the bathroom and it was already done. Apparently, he likes money too.

Wonder Woman: Meet Sarah

Have you ever met a guardian?  I have. Meet Sarah.

Sarah is a guardian of nature. She loves the woods. Her passion for the great pines has inspired her to share that love with her family and friends.  She takes her kids on nature walks, introduces them to snow and loves to spend time outside in the wild. Sarah is a guardian in other ways. She is a person who guards, protects and preserves what she feels is true and beautiful.


Like many of the Wonder Woman I’ve spotlighted, Sarah’s first response to an invitation to be recognized was a statement of not having done anything really spectacular in her life.

Sarah, you ARE doing something spectacular. You are taking what you love and sharing it with others.  That’s something beautiful, noble and long lasting.


Sarah is a Wonder Woman.




My ramblings about the power of creating something

An idea is born. A powerful, creative, joyful idea. I hold it close to my heart afraid that it will somehow die if I let it go into the cruel world. But an idea left in my hand will  also die. So, I release the idea to the world knowing that some ideas live and some must die. The creation process can be cruel at times.  I blow life into the idea’s little wings so it can fly while it is still young. Some day it might have power to fly on its own or it might sink to the bottom of the ocean after being struck by a fiery dart.   I don’t know when I  first get an idea if it will be a success or a flop. There’s so much hope and so much fear looking at the idea in my little hand. I’d rather keep it safe with me but risk is needed in the process of creation.  So, I let the little idea go. And wait. Will into it turn into project and perhaps  ignite movement? It’s a  beginning and I am the artist.

That’s the power of creating something new.

Climb the Stairs





Not Grateful Day


I’ve been doing the thankful challenge for 30 days now. Yesterday,  I had a bad day. I wasn’t feeling grateful for anything. So, I decided to honor my feelings and write an ungrateful list.


  1. Scorpions
  2. Scorpions that don’t die when you try to kill them.
  3. Students that turn in all their overdue work and then expect me to have everything graded by the end of the hour.
  4. Dropped cell phone calls
  5. A cold   Achoo!
  6. The bill from the dental office
  7. Ants who decide to bite you when you are mowing the lawn.
  8. Lawns that don’t mow themselves.
  9. The blender decided to break when I was trying to make a smoothie.
  10. Bad dreams
  11.  Good dreams that you wake up from and realize that it was just a dream. I really wanted the ability to fly.

The list goes on and on.  I made a list of 50 things.  It was super easy to think of things. The more I thought about being ungrateful the more stuff popped into my head that was wrong with my life. Here’s are a few of my favorite ones from the list.

22. I’m not a millionaire.

37. French fries have calories in them.

48.  All the bad stuff that I see on the news

I learned that it was a lot easier to be ungrateful than grateful. It takes work to be grateful. That was actually ungrateful item #50 from the list.

50. Being grateful takes too much work.

After I wrote out all 50 items, I read them out loud in my most annoyed voice in front of the mirror.   I felt like a little girl who had been caught doing something naughty. It was so much fun to be unthankful. I gave myself permission to  get upset about all  the little annoyances and big grievances in my life. It was fun. You should try it sometime.

Today I’m grateful that I can be ungrateful and still laugh about it. 


Thankful Day #26: Water


I take it for granted. It’s always there when I need it. I don’t have to walk five miles a day to get water for my family from a well or river. I’ve never had to worry about clean water. I just turn on the facet and out it comes. It’s there for drinking, bathing and watering my little herb garden. I know I’m privileged. There are  many people in the world who don’t have access to clean water.


I’m not a politician, but it makes sense to me to support policies that will keep water clean. I’m not a great philanthropist, but it makes sense to me to support organizations and programs that help individuals and nations have access to clean water.
Without clean water, we are all in trouble.