Gratitude Challenge Days# 16-30

My annual gratitude challenge is over. I can now be selfish for the rest of the year. Just kidding. I won’t be writing thankful notes every day, but I will keep trying to be thankful in my heart.

Day 16: I’m thankful I can cry. Life would be harder if there wasn’t a way to release sadness.

Day 17: Second chances. I’m thankful for the second chances we get in life.

Day #18: My car is running. Huge blessing!

Day #19: Bowling. I love my bowling family.

Day #20: I’m thankful for my parents. They have taught me so much.

Day #21: I’m thankful you don’t always have to be thankful. I normally do a gratitude challenge every November so I’m 100% behind being thankful. And I’ve experienced the sorrowful wilderness of feeling alone. It’s okay to be where you are and to feel what you feel. I’m so grateful for that knowledge.

Day #22: I am thankful for the beautiful Earth. I feel refreshed when I spend time outside. I feel closer to the Creator.

Day #23: I’m thankful for my sister. I always wanted a sister. I was so happy when she showed up after my 3 awesome brothers. (This adventure was last year. We dressed up to see Downton Abbey. Movies are 100% better when you wear costumes.)

Day #24: I’m thankful for clean water. I take it for granted that I have access to water.

Day #25: I forgot to write down my gratitude note for the day. I was too busy eating. It’s a good thing I believe in second chances.

Day #26: I’m thankful for inventors. There are so many things I use every day that someone had to invent.

Day #27: I’m thankful for books. Books have been a great blessing in my life.

Days #28 I’m thankful for parks and the people who maintain them. It’s so nice to have a safe and beautiful place to walk.

Day #29: I forgot to be thankful again. I may have been thinking about all of the work that would be greeting me after the Thanksgiving break.

Day #30: I’m thankful for music.