My Greatest Hits of 2013

2013 is over.  As I’ve read other people’s blogs today, I’ve noticed they have re-posted the 5 best posts of 2013.  This was easy for me to pick the posts. I only have 5 followers and they are all relatives.  So, I just called one of those relatives and asked what they wanted to see again.  (Drum roll, please)

(1.) The Dress


For today’s brave activity, I got rid of my old Winter Formal dress. The dress has been in my closet for the last 15 years. It is hopelessly out of date and no longer fits me.   Read the rest here.

(2.)  Popcorn


The Accountant and I are doing a home renovation project. It smelled like a construction site so I decided to try burning a candle. Read the rest here.

(3.) Be Brave and Laugh at Something

I had surgery this last week.  The whole thing was not fun so I decided to make it more fun by dressing up like a flower child for my grand entrance to the hospital. Read the rest here.

(4.) Slow Cooker Tip of the Day


Here is a tip for using a slow cooker. Slow cookers only work if you turn them on. Read the rest here.

(5) Boxes Aren’t Just for Little Kids


We got a package in the mail.  Boxes are not just fun for little kids. I just had to know how much of me would fit inside of it. Read the rest here.

2014 will be a great year!

The Dish Fairy


We have a dish fairy at our house. The dish fairy jumps in and does a household chore when it has been forgotten for some reason. Sometimes I’m the dish fairy and other times the Accountant is the dish fairy. It usually works except for the week that neither of us wanted to do the dishes.

Day One

Accountant:  Do you think the dish fairy will visit us?

Me: No. The dish fairy is on holiday. I bet the dish fairy has a friend that might be willing to do them.

Day Two

Me: Don’t use that regular plate. Here is a paper plate.

Accountant: Two minute sermon on the environmental consequences of using paper plates

Me: (gave him a big hug) You’re adorable ,but I’m still using a paper plate so we don’t have any more dishes to do.
Day Three

Accountant: (as he is washing a dish) What do you think about us working together to clean up the kitchen?

Me: (grabbing a rag to help dry the dishes)   Equal partners in all of this house stuff.  Yeah, I can live with that.

Memory Lane

When I was eleven years old, I saw a PBS special on small pox and became fascinated with diseases. I wanted to learn how everything in the human body worked so I could avoid diseases like small pox.  The library had anticipated my interest, because the next time I went  they had put up a huge display in the lobby. The sign said you could protect yourself from diseases. I picked ten random books from the display and went up to the library counter to check out. The lady at the front desk started asking me questions about my books.

“Honey, does your mother know you are reading books about sexually transmitted diseases? These are kind of big books for a little girl”.

I was insulted.  How dare she tell a grown 11-year-old like me that I was a little girl? I told her that my mother let me read whatever I wanted. Driving home with Mom and the brothers from the library, I wondered if I would really be allowed to read anything I wanted. Just to be on the safe side, I hid all the books in my laundry basket and only read them when I thought Mom wasn’t watching me.  I think about it now and laugh. Yes, I was a very mature 11-year-old.

Update on my challenge

Tonight we had chicken stuffed with green chilies and cheese on top of a bed of asparagus and potatoes.  I felt like I was real chef when I put it on the table.  There is something fulfilling about making things yourself.