The Dish Fairy


We have a dish fairy at our house. The dish fairy jumps in and does a household chore when it has been forgotten for some reason. Sometimes I’m the dish fairy and other times the Accountant is the dish fairy. It usually works except for the week that neither of us wanted to do the dishes.

Day One

Accountant:  Do you think the dish fairy will visit us?

Me: No. The dish fairy is on holiday. I bet the dish fairy has a friend that might be willing to do them.

Day Two

Me: Don’t use that regular plate. Here is a paper plate.

Accountant: Two minute sermon on the environmental consequences of using paper plates

Me: (gave him a big hug) You’re adorable ,but I’m still using a paper plate so we don’t have any more dishes to do.
Day Three

Accountant: (as he is washing a dish) What do you think about us working together to clean up the kitchen?

Me: (grabbing a rag to help dry the dishes)   Equal partners in all of this house stuff.  Yeah, I can live with that.