My Greatest Hits of 2013

2013 is over.  As I’ve read other people’s blogs today, I’ve noticed they have re-posted the 5 best posts of 2013.  This was easy for me to pick the posts. I only have 5 followers and they are all relatives.  So, I just called one of those relatives and asked what they wanted to see again.  (Drum roll, please)

(1.) The Dress


For today’s brave activity, I got rid of my old Winter Formal dress. The dress has been in my closet for the last 15 years. It is hopelessly out of date and no longer fits me.   Read the rest here.

(2.)  Popcorn


The Accountant and I are doing a home renovation project. It smelled like a construction site so I decided to try burning a candle. Read the rest here.

(3.) Be Brave and Laugh at Something

I had surgery this last week.  The whole thing was not fun so I decided to make it more fun by dressing up like a flower child for my grand entrance to the hospital. Read the rest here.

(4.) Slow Cooker Tip of the Day


Here is a tip for using a slow cooker. Slow cookers only work if you turn them on. Read the rest here.

(5) Boxes Aren’t Just for Little Kids


We got a package in the mail.  Boxes are not just fun for little kids. I just had to know how much of me would fit inside of it. Read the rest here.

2014 will be a great year!