2014 Happy, Healthy and Whole

It’s the time of year when the wonderful before and after photos show up in  diet commercials. The people are always frowning, wearing no makeup and dressed in ugly clothes for their “before” photo.  The transformation is amazing. The person smiles, puts on some blush, gets their hair done and gets a new $200 outfit from the mall. I’ve been thinking of getting an “after” picture. Why wait till the end of my diet to look amazing?

My theme for 2014 is Happy, Healthy and Whole. The plan is to have all of my 13 day challenges go along with one of those three area.  When I do things that help me be happy, healthy and whole, I get a leaf for my goal tree. The  leaves are color coordinated to the goal area. Happy is green. Healthy is orange and Whole is red. The plan is to fill my tree with lots of little leaves. Happy represents my emotional health and building relationships with my dear family and friends.  Healthy is just what it says. It is everything related to nutrition, exercise and stuff that makes someone healthy.  It also includes keeping my home healthy (a.k.a more clean). Whole is my spiritual side.

My Tree

This is extrinsic motivation at its finest. I’m excited. I already have three leaves on my tree!

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