Technology Fast Update

I just finished my one-week technology fast.  I avoided social media, blogs, music channels and news web sites. My hope was to give my mind a break from being a consumer of information and become a creator. I wanted to relight the flame of my creative soul and use the week to jump start some project that would change the world. Sometimes my really great day dreams come face-to-face with the harsh reality of every day life.  Last week, it was the last week of school. Most of my creative energy was spent finishing report cards, telling kids goodbye and cleaning out my desk.  When I got home from work each night, I was too tired to be creative. I was still tempted though to log into CNN and see what exciting things were happening in the world.  When I was tempted to break my fast, I did laundry. I did a lot of laundry last week.

When I woke up this morning, I was excited to check my Facebook feed. What happened while I was gone? I rolled out of bed and got my phone and went to the Facebook app.  It was so slow that I decided just to close it. I got this message. “Forcing an app closed will cause it to misbehave”.  I started picturing a whole bunch of little apps hoping outside of my cell phone and finding ways to misbehave.  I imagined  my apps littering, talking back to me, sharing hairbrushes and a host of other things.  I forced that app closed just so I could see what naughty things apps do when they misbehave.  Then I waited for all craziness to break loose. Nothing happened. The Facebook app closed and my cell phone continued to make a humming sound. I was a little bit disappointed. I really would have liked to see the YouTube app do the crazy chicken dance or my Bible  app get into a debate with my banking app about money.