Romantic Movie Night


I’m training for a 10K. I’m sure I will write a post about that soon, but right now I want to write about my movie night.  Today I felt like watching a romantic movie. I had a problem though. I couldn’t decide which one to watch so I watched every romantic movie I own. All 10 of them!  Just the romantic parts though.  I used my magic remote control to fast forward through all the drama. There were no disagreements, no struggles and no heartache. It was quite delightful. By the end of my 90 minutes of romantic movie therapy, I was in a really good mood. Who wouldn’t be after seeing 10 couples get together and live happily ever after. Yes, I know it’s not realistic for every single moment in your life to be chocolates, long glances and sweet confessions of love but for 90 minutes it was fun to pretend.

It was so easy for me to just move to the next scene in the movie. I literally skipped all the hard stuff with one click of a button. If I was given a magic remote control to fast forward my life, would I do it? Would I skip the hard segments and go straight for the good stuff? What would you do? The philosopher in me says that life needs a mixture of both sweet and sour and that we wouldn’t appreciate sun unless we had felt the rain. The Saint in me believes that  verse in Isaiah 61 that there will be beauty for ashes and the oil of joy for mourning.

My romantic side though loves the idea of a remote control. It would be awfully helpful some times. If I should happen to find the magic remote, I promise I won’t hog it. I’ll let any of my friends borrow it.