Technology Fast

Last night, I dreamed I was a hero trying to slay a dragon who was threatening to destroy a cute village. In the middle of the battle, I pulled out my cell phone and started updating Facebook about the battle. The entire village burned to the ground.

I know what the dream means. It’s time for me to take another technology fast. Last June, I did a challenge where I took a week off from social media and all blogs.  It was a great week.  I thought deep thoughts, read books, wrote a lot in my journal, spent time with friends, rediscovered my CD collection and found out that the world does not revolve around me commenting on every issue.  I’m doing my technology fast again.  I will be offline from June 3-June 10. The only exception is that when I go to work I have to use e-mail and web-based tools.  I’m actually looking forward to my technology fast. Last year, it was like my brain reset itself after my fast. I came back energized and so creative.

At the least, I hope this fast will convince my dreaming brain that the next time dragons decide to invade a cute village that warrior Amee needs to leave her cell phone at home.