My Memories of the Berlin Wall Coming Down


On the 25th Anniversary of the tearing down of the Berlin Wall, I thought it would be good to remember and experience the wall coming down again. I took out my 11 year old journal and remembered.

November 9, 1989

“November 9, 1989. I think I will remember this date. We were watching TV and Mom came in to the living room with the telephone. She was crying and told us to change the channel to the news. One of her sisters had called her. I don’t know which one. The Wall was coming down. There were people shouting for joy and dancing on the Berlin Wall. Mom kept saying over and over that she thought this wouldn’t ever happen until the Second Coming of Jesus. David, John and I shouted for joy and jumped up and down with those people on the T.V. screen. Stephen ran around the room. Jenny just slept. She’s a baby. She won’t remember any of this. The man on the news said that the Berlin Wall was a physical, psychic barrier for the entire nation and now that it was fallen the world would be a better place. Sometimes the world is a scarey place especially since they had big earthquake in California and the freeway just collapsed on all those people. I hold my breath every time I go over a freeway now. I don’t want a freeway to collapse on me. I hope the world is a better place, because the Berlin Wall is torn down.  Mom told us to remember this day and then she brought out some cookies to celebrate. She must have hidden them, because I didn’t know about them.  Stephen says he hopes more historical things happen so that we can get cookies again. We watched the news for a long time and then it was time to go to bed. I can’t sleep. Right now, I’m sitting outside the front door looking up at the moon. It’s suppose to turn to red when Jesus comes again. And if I stare at the moon long enough it might just happen. The Berlin Wall is torn down. Jesus coming back might be closer than we think. Those East Germans woke up with a Wall and then at the end of the day could be free and travel and all that other freedom things. It’s an interesting time to be alive. I wonder what else will happen in my life. Mom says I have to come in, because it is late. I’d rather sit here and look at the moon.