Annual Thankful Challenge

Nature Friend: Hey, are you okay? It’s November. You haven’t posted any of your thankful messages. Me: (extremely dramatic and serious) I’ve decided to be selfish this year. No gratefulness for me. (diabolical laughter) We both started hysterically laughing at this point. I told my friend that I had been writing them down, but just hadn’t hit submit on the post.   Day 1:  It’s awesome to have a cell phone. I listen to music on it, order stuff of the internet, read books, and track my grocery list. Oh, I also use it to call people. Day 2:  I’m so thankful to have a washing machine and dryer in my house. I’ve had to go the laundromat before so every time I dump my clothes into the washer, I’m thankful for the convenience of being able to do laundry right at home. Day 3: I’m grateful for my wonderful parents. They are good people and have blessed me my entire life.  I love their wedding photos.  This one is my favorite. Parent's wedding photo Day 4: I took a little day trip today to get out of the heat. The sun kept hitting the mountains at various locations bringing out all the beautiful colors. I couldn’t help but sing For the Beauty of the Earth. It was lovely. I’m grateful for the gorgeous diversity of color found in nature. Day 5: I’m thankful for delivery drivers. I got a package today and that made my day. Thank you to all the drivers! Hidden (This picture is a few years old, but it’s still one of my favorites. Yes, I know I’m weird. It’s just too boring to be normal. You’ve got to be silly sometimes.) Day 6: I saw a butterfly today. It was pretty. I’m thankful for butterflies. Day 7: My roommate has a dog, and I love that little dog. I’m thankful I met such a cute dog.  She literally jumps and down every time I come home.  It makes me feel so loved and special. Day 8: I’m thankful I can vote. Day 9:   I have a job. it’s good to be able to pay my bills. Day 10:  I’ve written 107 pages of a novel this year. I’m thankful for the earthly and heavenly angels who are encouraging me to work on my  dream of being a writer. Day 11: I’m thankful for veterans.