Time Travel


I did great on my first night running through my little let’s get ready to sleep routine. I did some stretching, brushed my teeth, thought happy thoughts etc. I  did great  until I actually was in my bed.  You see someone forgot to tell my brain that it was suppose to stop thinking of stuff. So, it was more like 11:30 p.m when I finally fell asleep. I did however come up with an interesting idea for how to build a time machine.  Apparently, time travel is more exciting than sleeping. If any one wants the details, let me know.

So today,  I went to the library to find a book on what to when you can’t fall asleep. Can you believe it? They are all checked out with other patrons.  Thank goodness you can buy a sleep book at the book store. I have a new strategy to calm my little mind when trying to sleep. If it works, I’ll write about it tomorrow. If not, I will tell you what my mind created instead of going to sleep. Happy Dreams!

Quote for the Day

“I think I can, I think I can.”
~ The Little Engine That Could