Sleep =Larger Bank Account

Bed picture

Good news. I’ve discovered how to get rich.  You can get rich too.  According to this article in Money magazine sleep deprivation cost money. I’m working on getting more sleep so as I get more sleep the money will start rolling in to me. The Accountant told me that my train of thought did not follow the classic logic pattern for using  if and then statements.  I prefer my reasoning.  Sleep =Larger Bank Account

I’m reading a book called The Promise of Sleep. The author talks about what to do when you can’t sleep. Instead of laying in bed for an hour staring at the clock, you get 20 minutes. If after 20 minutes you can’t sleep, you get up and do something boring like washing dishes or scrubbing walls.  This might be a good thing as I will have sparkly walls and a clean kitchen. In all seriousness, I have noticed that since starting my routine of being in bed by 10:30, I have gotten more sleep than I used to. I’m not up to 8 hours a night yet, but I am getting closer.