Gratitude Days #1-16

It’s November so it’s time to start my annual tradition of finding something I’m thankful for every day this month. Here’s what I wrote down for days 1-16.

Thankful day #1: Today I’m thankful for bowling and my bowling buddies. I’m also thankful l can watch the World Series and bowl at the same time. It’s a happy evening.

Thankful day #2: I have a working car. That’s a blessing.

Thankful day #3: I am thankful for a job. I think every job has its moments. My job can be crazy at times,but the benefits of employment outweigh the drawbacks. What are you grateful for today?

Thankful day#4: I’m glad l have a library card. I love the library. They have many great resources there. I just got two free Phoenix Symphony tickets during my little library trip today.

Thankful day #5: Clouds
Thankful day #6: My parents are wonderful people. I love them and I’m glad they are in my life.

Thankful day#7: I’m thankful for shoes.It’s nice to have a way to protect my feet. What are you thankful for today?

Thankful Challenge Day 8: I’m thankful for Jesus and all that he has done for me.

Thankful day #9: Soup
Thankful day #10: I’m thankful I got to go to lunch with some friends today.
Thankful day #11: Veterans and their families for sacrificing for my liberties.

Thankful day #12: Music
Thankful day #13: The ability to walk is a blessing.

Thankful day #14: Eggplant paramesian is delicious. I ate it for the first time this week. It’s wonderful and I’m thankful to try something new.

Thankful day #15 Clouds

Arizona the beautiful state
Thankful day #16 Arizona is beautiful. I just love the desert landscape. (And thanks to the person who owns this house. I’m sure you wondered why a stranger was taking a picture. The view was just too pretty not to take a picture of it.)

Wonder Women: Meet Teresa


Have you ever met someone who is really rich?  I have. Her name is Teresa.

I met Teresa when I was a little kid. She happens to be my aunt. I know what you are thinking. “Amee, that’s great that your aunt is well off. Why aren’t you trying to get her to give you some of her lovely money to fix up your old car? ”

Guess What?  Teresa has a beat up car too. Teresa’s wealth is found in her positive and thankful heart. Like many people, Teresa has struggled with health challenges, unemployment and the disappointments that come in life. Unlike most folks, Teresa has found a way to look on the bright side while still dealing with the reality of the present moment. Let me tell you a story that proves my point about Teresa’s gift for gratitude.  Once upon a time Aunt Teresa and her kids decided to take a road trip to visit my family.  During the 14 hour drive to see us, the air conditioner in Teresa’s car broke, two of her kids got sick and she received some news that her husband’s company was going to lay him off.  I overheard Teresa on the phone talking with my uncle about how they were going to pay the bills. After Teresa got off the phone, I asked her what was going on. She told me about the crazy events that had occurred on their drive to see us. After the explanation, I was expecting to hear Teresa lament her life or at least say she was really mad. I’d want to throw something if all those things happened to me in one day. She didn’t do that though. Teresa told me she was still one of the richest people in the world because she got to see all of us.

It was a simple conversation with a 15-year-old niece. I don’t know if Teresa even remembers it after all these years. It left an impression on me though. Teresa is a really rich person. She’s grateful.

In addition to raising some awesome kids, (I’m biased. Hi cousins.) Teresa teaches preschool and sings in a church choir. She and her husband Rick feel strongly that being grateful and positive have made their life easier. They just started their own blog all about living a grateful and positive life.

Teresa is a Wonder Woman!

Gratitude Challenge

Wow. It’s now November.  Somehow. I don’t know where the last month went. Maybe it went on a cruise. I’d like to think that while I was working away at my job the month of October was drinking a virgin Piña Colada on a cruise deck.

Every November,  I have a tradition of having 30 days of gratitude.  I wake up and think of one thing that I’m grateful for. Here’s my list so far.

Day 1: Left over Halloween candy.

Day 2: Running water.  It’s very nice to just turn on the faucet instead of walking two miles to a well.

Day 3: Teeth.  They sure come in handy for eating that left over candy.

Day 4: Music

Day 5: Indoor plumbing. No commentary needed.

Day 7:  Oops. Life happened and I forgot to  be grateful. Actually, I was grouchy most of the day but I will leave that part out. I want everyone on Internet land to think I’m always happy and put together. Lol.

Day 8: Music and the power it has to take feelings in my head and heart and give them a voice.  (Yes, I know I said music on Day 4. I’m doubly grateful for music.)

Day 9: Bug spray and shoes because both can get rid of critters l don’t like.

And on day 10, I’m grateful for the public  library.  I love the library! I don’t like paying my library fines, but that’s a post for another day. Maybe I could devote an entire month to complaining. It would give me the chance to write a blog post on how the library charges me just because I keep their book a few more days.


What are you grateful for today?