Gratitude Challenge

Wow. It’s now November.  Somehow. I don’t know where the last month went. Maybe it went on a cruise. I’d like to think that while I was working away at my job the month of October was drinking a virgin Piña Colada on a cruise deck.

Every November,  I have a tradition of having 30 days of gratitude.  I wake up and think of one thing that I’m grateful for. Here’s my list so far.

Day 1: Left over Halloween candy.

Day 2: Running water.  It’s very nice to just turn on the faucet instead of walking two miles to a well.

Day 3: Teeth.  They sure come in handy for eating that left over candy.

Day 4: Music

Day 5: Indoor plumbing. No commentary needed.

Day 7:  Oops. Life happened and I forgot to  be grateful. Actually, I was grouchy most of the day but I will leave that part out. I want everyone on Internet land to think I’m always happy and put together. Lol.

Day 8: Music and the power it has to take feelings in my head and heart and give them a voice.  (Yes, I know I said music on Day 4. I’m doubly grateful for music.)

Day 9: Bug spray and shoes because both can get rid of critters l don’t like.

And on day 10, I’m grateful for the public  library.  I love the library! I don’t like paying my library fines, but that’s a post for another day. Maybe I could devote an entire month to complaining. It would give me the chance to write a blog post on how the library charges me just because I keep their book a few more days.


What are you grateful for today?