Challenge Update: No Fast Food


Yesterday, I had Chinese food for lunch. My stomach said Chinese food and so my car drove me there. It tasted great. It smelled good. I loved every bite. I loved it so much that I even wrote myself a happy note to read while I was eating the food. This morning I remembered that I’m giving up fast food for 40 days. I panicked.  I’ve gone 24 days without fast food. If Chinese food counts as fast food,  I just blew my Lent. I couldn’t believe that I somehow forgot that I’m not eating fast food.  I’ve worked so hard to eat at home and prepare meals in advance. I started to feel bad that I only made it to Day 24 and then I remembered the real reason for Lent. I’m getting ready for Easter. Easter means Jesus and Jesus said to forgive and love. Since that forgiveness and love includes gentleness with myself, I’m not going to worry about eating Chinese fast food on Day 24.  Day 25 starts today.

There is one drawback though to eating more meals at home.


Hello Feelings


I was having my daily devotional with prayer and scripture study when I started thinking about feelings. Happy feelings. Sad feelings. I started thinking about the feelings I show to world and the feelings I keep to myself. With all those feelings running around my head, I knew I had to do something to validate them. I wrote words to describe the various  feelings I had felt that week. Frustrated. Happy.  Cute. Scared. Hope. Fat.  I then put the opposite of each feeling next to my first list.  Certainty. Sad. Unsure. Brave. Fear.  Beautiful.  I did something kind of unusual but it felt right.  I said hello to each feeling. “Hello  Frustrated. I know you’re here. It’s okay to be here. You are teaching me something and when it is safe to feel Certainty you will leave. Until that time, I love and honor you Frustrated”.  It was especially interesting to say hello to feelings that I normally consider positive ,such as happy, and at the same time acknowledge that it is also  safe to feel sad.

After my little validation ceremony, I just sat down on my bed and thought about the beauty of all feelings. What have your feelings taught you today?

My latest challenge is going well. I’m 17 days into not buying Fast Food.