Joyful Moment #201

It’s time for a joyful moment. I love those automatic doors that swing open and shut all on their own. The logical side of me knows there’s a mechanical,  scientific reason for how the doors detect your presence which triggers a switch to make them open. The magical side of me still loves the thrill of the doors opening for me. It all stems back to being four years old. I went to the store with my mother and Aunt Becky. The doors automatically opened at the entrance to the store. It was the first time I had ever realized that doors could open all by themselves without me pulling on them. It delighted me so much.  I knew as I walked through those magical doors that I was a princess. After all, why else would the doors open for me?

Today I went to the grocery store. The doors opened up for me and I smiled. I must still be a princess.