If you want to save the world, go eat a taco.

198 delicious mexican taco

I was eating a taco today and I started thinking about all the problems that are facing the world. I really would like the world to be a better place. It’s just easy to get discouraged when you realize that no matter who gets elected there are still going to be a lot of messes and problems.

I sat there eating my taco and feeling discouraged ,and then I had this thought. If you want to change the world, start with yourself. Start with the seven deadly sins. It was really a profound thought. It was so profound that I wrote a letter to the entire world all about my thought.

Dear World (or at least the 40 people who read my blog),

There are seven deadly sins. These sins are greed, pride, lust, gluttony, envy, wrath and sloth.  They are called deadly because they are the sins that encourage other sins. Most people have heard of the deadly sins, but did you know there are also seven heavenly virtues. The interesting thing is that each virtue is the opposite of the sin. It’s like a road map for making the world a better place.  So, we just need to encourage  prudence, justice, temperance, fortitude, faith, hope and charity and the world’s problems will all be solved. Sounds easy, right?

Take a minute to close your eyes and imagine with me a nice little world that strives to have those seven virtues.

Our national debt problem is now solved.  There would be enough food for all of the people on Earth. Prudence is the careful management of resources and the ability to use reason and thinking to solve problems.  People would have what they need and not envy or lust after other people’s stuff. Crime would go down. Hate crimes would go down. Violence would be non-existent. We could disagree with each other about religion, politics and everything else without calling each other names.  Wars. Nope, we’d have too much charity for our fellow human beings to bomb them. We might still have disagreements, because we’re human people with faults. If that happened, we would just sit down at the same table and through moderation in action and thought  figure things out. After all, moderation in action, thought and feeling is the definition of temperance.  The courts would never throw the wrong person in jail, because everything would be just. Global warming. That would be solved too, because we’d be wise with our resources. Life might still be challenging at times, but we’d all have the mental strength and courage to help us to face fears until things are resolved. That’s called fortitude and we’re going to need it in buckets if we want to create a brighter future. On days, we weren’t 100% it would be okay, because people would be kind to us.  In this perfect little world, we’d have faith and hope in each other, in God and in the belief that there really is room in the beautiful world for us all to live peacefully with each other.

Thanks for listening, World.

Love, Amee

It all made perfect sense while I was eating my taco today. I thought about eating a second taco to see if I had any other thoughts, but that might be considered gluttony.