Freelove Olney

Old Book

I’ve started a new hobby. I’m spending a few hours each month looking at pictures and family pedigree charts. It’s a little addictive. I keep hunting for more stuff.  In particular, I’m interested in  people’s names.  I’ve got plenty of ordinary names like Mary and John in my family, but there is this whole side with unique names. I wish that birth certificates and family Bibles came with the back story. There have been a few that I’ve just scratched my head. What were your parents thinking?

Here is my favorite girl’s names. Freelove  Olney.   How cool is that name? It sounds like a flower child from the 1970’s.  Nope, the year was 1702.  She had to live an interesting life with such a creative name.

If you are having a little girl, feel free to borrow some names from my  ancestors.  Discovered, Hallelujah and Thankful all made me smile.   If you’re having a boy, I’m sorry but my ancestors can’t help you with ideas. The guy names sound like they could be my classroom attendance roster.  John,  Joshua, David, George, Stephen, Richard, Thomas, Paul.  You get the idea.