Sing your song


Have you ever felt silenced?  I was at a meeting and I decided not to share a good idea. I was afraid people would think I was weird so I censored myself. I’ve been thinking about silence a lot the last few weeks. Why do we do it? What stops us from speaking up? What happens if no one speaks?

The first time I felt silenced I was six. I had seen the movie Annie. I really wanted the Annie action figure and I knew all the songs by listening to the tape. I was playing in the front yard when I suddenly got this idea to sing my Annie song to God. I looked up to heaven and said in a loud voice, “This one is for you, God”. Then I belted out The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow as loud as I could. My neighbor happened to be walking by and heard my little impromptu song. She told me I was weird. I felt weird and I didn’t sing in my front yard anymore.

After my experience with not speaking up in the meeting, I decided it was time not to be silenced any more. I stood in my front yard and looked up to heaven and said, “This one is for you, God”. Then I belted out The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow.  My neighbor was out fixing his car and he gave me a funny look at first, but then he clapped for me. Of course, I had to tell him the whole story. I think the next time I get a good idea in a meeting I will speak up.