Yesterday, I went to a holistic health conference with a friend. Throughout the day, I kept seeing this little sticker.  I wanted one, but that would involve me visiting the acupuncture booth in the vendor hall. My Mom has had Acupuncture, and I have heard about the health benefits of those little needles. I also really wanted that sticker. I knew that my mother had to pay money for Acupuncture, and today it was free. So, I did it. Kinda.


The relaxation treatment was five needles in the ear lobe. I got three out of five needles. Needle one was fine. I could do this. Relaxation.  Here I come. Needle two really hurt.  It’s worth a little pain for good health, right? Ouch! Needle three made me cry. There were four people watching and waiting for the Naturopathic doctor to finish my acupuncture treatment. They wanted to be relaxed as well. The observers walked away from the booth after they saw me cry.  I do not cry polite Sunday school tears. I wail. I moan. I yell, “Ouch, that hurts. This isn’t worth it. I don’t feel relaxed at all”. The doctor wasn’t very happy. He looked at me and said. “Your pain tolerance is too low for acupuncture”. He took the needles out told me to have a blessed day. I was embarrassed, but at least I got the sticker and wore it the rest of the day. When I got home, I added a new word. ‘Kinda’.

Aren’t vendor halls fun?  I like the free stuff! I went from booth to booth getting all the free things I could get. I came home from the holistic fair having had two chair massages, a foot massage, a bunch of pens, lots of little samples and a large smile. The workshops were educational too.