Boxes are not just for little kids


We got a package in the mail.  Boxes are not just fun for little kids. I just had to know how much of me would fit inside of it.  After the picture was taken, I started thinking. How many times have I put myself in a box?  How many times have I told myself that I couldn’t do something or say something or be something based on the box around me? Whose box is it anyway? Have I ever stopped myself from being healthy based on my thoughts and feelings? The box really got me thinking about my thinking.  For my next 13 day challenge, I’m going to make a concentrated effort to analyze my  thoughts related to my physical and emotional health. Here is the plan. I’m carrying a little notebook around with me. If I catch myself saying anything negative about my body, mind or path in life,  I’m writing it down. I will then try to rephrase the negative thought with something more positive.

The Practical Reason

I read somewhere that the average human has 50,000 thoughts per day. If I can make some of those little  thoughts more happy and positive, I’m sure it will help with my physical and emotional health.

The Philosophy Reason

“Thinking is the talking of the soul with itself”–Plato

You can’t get more philosophical than Plato.