What I’ve learned from menu planning

I’m coming to the end of challenge number six. It has been a good experience to be more conscientious about planning meals. Here is what I’ve learned.

1. Simple is better.

When the Accountant and I got married, we received 10 cookbooks as gifts. My Grandma gave us a red cookbook with a note that said we would use her gift more than the other cookbooks we got. Don’t argue with grandma. How many times have I opened up Fancy Dinners with Martha Steward in the last ten years? Once. I opened it up and realized that I would have to make a trip to the store to buy dried porcini mushrooms. Book closed. Thank you Grandma for the great lesson. Simple is better. We’ve survived just fine with  our old faithful red cookbook and the internet.

2. Cooking together can be fun

The Accountant and I are one of those couples that go grocery shopping as a date night. And guess what? We’ve found that it is kind of fun to plan, shop, cook and eat together.


Here we are at an apple orchard pretending to be farmers. Don’t we look cute?