My 6th Challenge: Menu Planning


Life can be busy. Very busy. At the end of the day, frozen pizza can look really good if you don’t have a plan about what is for dinner.  My 6th challenge is to plan my meals so that every meal has a serving of fruit and a serving of vegetable.

The Practical Reason

I read an article in US News and Report that said the typical US family spends $4,000 each year on eating meals outside the home. I don’t know if the Accountant and I are the  typical family spending 4,000 a year,  but who doesn’t want to save a little money.

The Philosophy Reason

The Accountant and I like to spend time together. We are doing this challenge together. We’ve made a little menu together. Eating together, planning together and cooking together can be a chance to talk. It gives you a chance to connect and talk about your day.