The View from the Top

The fun thing about walking flights of stairs is you can find new places to walk. So far,I have climbed  stairs at my in-law’s house, a local high school, the mall and a fancy  hotel. My favorite place  has been the fancy hotel. The Accountant and I just walked into the hotel like we belonged there.  The lobby was beautiful with fresh flowers and plush furniture. The hotel staff was friendly and the decor was modern.  However, the stairs were a different matter. They were kind of hard to find and were painted in that 1970’s red color you see in old photos.   We had to walk down several hallways before we even found the stairs. The stairs were located inside, but did not have heating. They were very cold. It was like they cut the heating to save a few dollars.  Apparently, people who pay $200 a night for a hotel room take the elevator.  The view was nice at the top of the stairs. It was a fun adventure.


My 2nd Challenge: An Introduction


When you tell people you have started a challenge blog, they give you all kinds of suggestions for your next challenge. My favorite idea came from my brother. He wants me to wear an eye patch, and look like a pirate for next 13 days. No offense to pirates, but I have a hard time imagining myself as a sword fighting buccaneer on the hunt for gold. I’ve decided to walk up flights of stairs.  13 flights each day to be exact.

Why Stairs?

The Practical Reason

According to my fitness book, you can burn 470 calories per hour walking stairs. Walking up and down stairs seems like a good place to improve my physical fitness. Physical fitness is a key component of most self-help books. You must master your physical body in your quest for success.

The Philosophy Reason

Stairs take us places we want to go. For example, if I am at the book store at the mall buying another self-help book, I need to take a flight of stairs to get the department store to buy a lipstick. Stairs represent change and growth. Artists paint stairs in pictures to make us ponder and think about a journey. Stairs can be a metaphor for something that is hard but achievable.

Wish me luck on my 2nd 13 day challenge.