A Hug from Grandma

I had a miracle this month. Even though my Grandma Theda died back in 2006, she found a way to give me a hug.

Grandma's trophy

A few weeks ago, I received an e-mail from Shawn Larson from the maintenance department at St. David School in Saint David, Arizona. I was really surprised. I’ve had  this blog for years, and no one has ever used the “contact me” button. I thought it was a joke, so I ignored the message. Mr. Larson is a persistent man. He wrote me a second time. This time I paid attention. St. David School was going to remove all memorabilia  from the 1930-1940’s from their school. Mr. Larson was given the task of tossing the items. He felt strongly that this valedictorian trophy should not be thrown away. He wanted it to go to Theda Plumb’s family. He went on a quest to find the family. Here’s where the miracle happens. He found me.

I’ve always admired my grandma Theda Plumb Shelley Adams. She was a trailblazer. She’s an example to me on living life even when it is hard.  I wrote a blog post about her a few years ago. Mr. Larson found the blog post and contacted me.

It feels like a little miracle.

The last few years have been rough for me with lots of unexpected twists and turns.  I’m still in the healing part of the twisting and turning. I’ll come out on top eventually, but it has been a struggle to accept that my life is different than what I expected. During this healing time, I have on several occasions felt a special connection that is difficult to explain. I have felt that love for others continues to live on after we die. It’s more than just a wishful hope that our ancestors somehow act as guardian angles for us. It is a very personal feeling that makes me believe that not only does Grandma know the details of what is going on in my life, but she is rooting for me (and all of her children and grandchildren) to be happy.

It’s a hug from my grandmother.

2 thoughts on “A Hug from Grandma

  1. Amee, you do look like your grandma. I enjoyed reading HER story. A female civil engineering student/employee was unique and probably carried alot of prejudice against her from men. Super impressive. And what a tender miracle to get that trophy back to your family.

    You don’t know me. I’m a best friend to your Aunt Karen. I spent hours and hours at Smith home. Played piano for Smiths to sing till Kevin married Denise!

    Your life might not be what you expected – so true for most people in some way or other. But I know enough about you to know that you made good choices thru your life. You are not being “punished or suffering consequences”. It’s just the particular life experiences and education Heavenly Father wanted you to have. You have tried listening to Spirit and would have done other things if you had been led. I’m sorry you have dealt with frustrations and grief. You are beautuful talented gifted woman and a blessing to so many.

  2. This is amazing! I do feel it is a little miracle during a much-needed time for you! Theda was the best grandma I had, and technically she wasn’t even my grandma. I love that woman, and I love you!

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