Wearing your Heart on the Wall

I got my feelings hurt. It wasn’t a serious offense, but sad enough in the moment for me to tell myself that I needed to toughen up so I would never have hurt feelings again.

I was going to become a Vulcan and master all emotions, and then I looked over my shoulder.

The light fixture in the room when hit with sunlight made a gigantic heart on the wall. I was mesmerized. It was a heart! A giant, adorable heart. My resolve to never feel again melted away in that big heart.

It was just too cute not to smile.

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.” –Brene Brown

One thought on “Wearing your Heart on the Wall

  1. Love this! On my mission on a particularly rough day the thought came that it “hurt too much to love these people.” And I was beginning to resolve to not let myself love people as much, to not let them into my heart so I could avoid pain. And then the next thought that came was, “who really knows what it means to hurt from loving people.” I was so humbled then to think of our Savior and realized that the best way to draw closer to him is to open our hearts and be vulnerable even though it invites pain. Thank you for this reminder of this lesson.

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